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Scienzcare .For us, sustainability means more than just environmental protection. From our point of view, sustainability means an attentive approach to market needs. With our “green line” principle we not only think about ecology but also about the social and economic requirements. ScienzCare

Scienzcare Quality is achieved by continuous improvement, not by one-time activity. Our quality management is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 and ensures a smooth processing of all transactions as well as a superior quality of all our products and services.


Our R&D dept. has been working on reducing the use of energy throughout all stages of the product life cycle, starting from raw materials and through to production, usage, and disposal, utilizing natural resources to manufacture and drastically reduce the negative impact on the environment. ScienzCare

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Shanghai ScienzCare Co., Ltd.

Medical Hygiene Cleaning Disposable Nitrile Latex Vinyl Gloves

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