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Thermocouple Type J/E/K/N/T Alloy Wire

Type J/E/K/N/T

Price: USD 30.00/kg
MOQ: 20 kg


NiCr- CuNi thermocouple (type E) is also named NiCr- Constantan thermocouple. The main chemical
composition of positive leg NiCr (EP) is Ni: Cr~90:10; negative leg Constantan (EN) is Cu: Ni~55%, 45%.
Although EN, TN, JN are all called Constantan, EN and TN don not give the same EMF output curve as JN.
EN and TN are able to interchange but they are not interchangeable with JN. The operating temperature
range of type E thermocouple is -200~900℃。
Type E thermocouple has the largest EMF output and highest sensitivity, so it is ideal for measuring small
temperature change. It also has good stability in the low temperature range up to 300℃, and good
property of anti-corrosion in humidity atmosphere. It is recommended for oxidizing or inert atmospheres,
but cannot be used directly in reducing atmosphere and atmosphere with sulphur gases.

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