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Pressure screen


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pressure screen automatic waste paper recycling machine is used as a screening equipment to screen out rejects in stock preparation
Pressure screen has installed with the rotating drum rotor ,high-frequency pulse not easy to plug, can be used to screen such as waste paper and washed pulp,wood pulp,and also can be used as thermal screening equipment for after cooking before washing pulp in paper recycling and paper pulp making industry.

Huatao supply high quality pressure screen

1. Upflow presssure screen

Application: Used for coarse screening and fine screening of the deinking pulp,waste paper pulp.

2. Outflow presssure screen

Application: Outflow pressure screen used for coarse screening and fine screening of the chemical pulp,waste paper pulp

3. Inflow pressure screen

Application: Used for the screening of low consistency pulp before the paper machine.

Inflow pressure screen, Outflow pressure screen, Upflow pressure screen Paper pulp coarse screening and fine screening Up-flow Pressure Screen,

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woven dryer screen...

Huatao group-paper machine cloth department

Forming wire(fabric), Dryer screen, Press felt, Spiral dryer screen

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