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LK050 Limitless length smd led soft strip chip placement machine


item: pick and place machine
warranty: 2 years
usage: LED strip light
Price: USD 1.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


LK050 Limitless length smd led soft strip chip placement machine

Limitless length smd led soft strip chip placement machine


1.LK050 is dedicated to assemble LED FPCB with infinite length,cater to the trend of FPCB in LED industry.
2. 2 modules and 72 electric feeders,can mounting four kinds of components at the same time,and the capacity won't be effected by the ratio of chip to resistance.
3. Adopt special accuracy and smooth input FPCB ways, which can solve the issue of input deviation,meet the demand of mounting RGB.
4. Adopt imported linear motor and grating ruler to locate the position, make sure the machine mounting with high speed and high accuracy.We promise to provide 2 years guarantee for the linear motor.

5. Integrated machine frame,welded into a whole by industrial class steel tubes and panels,greatly increase the machine's stability.




Mounting head

2 arms, 36 pieces nozzles,18 pieces per arm

Mounting component range

0805,1206,2835,3014,3528,5050,5630,5730,RGB and other LED strip light

Mounting Pattern

Group picking and group mounting

Driver of mounting head(Y Axis)

Linear motor(magnetic)

Mounting height


PCB position

CCD vision and MARK position

PCB conveying speed


PCB conveying direction

Front to Back

Mounting accuracy


Min mounting distance


Working mounting speed

70000CPH*2=140000CPH(Using 36 pieces nozzle condition)

PCB size

W:255mm L:5m-infinite length

PCB thickness


FEEDER amount

188mm)*4=72 pcs ;Electrical feeders


220V AC/50Hz/2 Phase

Max power consumption

3.0 KW

Air pressure








Machine detailed:

Guide rail

led chip mounter

Mounting head and smart feeders

led pick and place machine

Customer products:

smt led chip shooter

Customer Factory

led strip light placement machine

Inside package

chinese pnp machine

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