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ype banana banana starch mixer

packaging: Carton
MOQ: 60


China QB-100 type banana banana starch mixer with High-Quality, Leading QB-100 type banana banana starch mixer Manufacturers & Suppliers, find QB-100 type banana banana starch mixer Factory & Exporters.

Edible Canna edulis ker starch mixer is a full gear transmission structure, its power transmission system has a high standard design, high strength. Made of all stainless steel, large diameter, low speed, low energy. Motor: 1.1 kW Motor speed: 1400 rev /, supporting 1.1 kW motor Motor speed: 1400 rev / min Installation and use: In any form, the machine should be balanced. Before use, make sure that the gear oil is added in the transmission, and it should not be too red. Use the steps: 1 Turn on the motor power, add 2 water to the bucket, add 3 starch to the bucket, stir for 8-10 minutes, open the slurry valve. Pulp Precautions: When the machine is running, please do not put your hands or hard objects into the shaft to avoid hurting your hands or hurting the machine.

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