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n/maize power thresher/sheller

origin: China
packaging: Box
MOQ: 200


China Domestic corn/maize power thresher/sheller with High-Quality, Leading Domestic corn/maize power thresher/sheller Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Domestic corn/maize power thresher/sheller Factory & Exporters.

Advantage: (1)Simple and reliable structure (2)High efficiency and save energy Price cheap suitable for domestic and middle farm use Model No. 5TY-31-86 Auto Adjust Dimensions: 610*390*590mm Package Size: 530*260*300mm Packed in Carton Weight: 11 KGS (without motor) Power Style: Electric motor,Diesel Engine, Petrol Engine for choice Rated Power: 0.75 KW Motor Speed: 2800 R/MIN Productivity: 800 KGS per hour Threshed: ≥99% Instructions for use: In any form of installation, the machine should be balanced, and the fuselage screws should be tightened once to avoid loosening. The whole machine should be balanced with the supporting power. Do not balance the power. After the power machinery is installed, install it. Belt to adjust the tightness. Then start the machine, put the dried and peeled corn one by one into the material port, and carry out threshing. Please do not put your hand into the feeding port during the operation, pay attention to safety. After use, first turn off the power and then clean the machine.

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n/maize power thresher/sheller...

Hunan Xinta Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

South korea,Belgium

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