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elletizing Line for Laboratory


origin: China
packaging: Plastic Film Packing
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China Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Laboratory with High-Quality, Leading Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Laboratory Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Laboratory Factory & Exporters.

LINA 70 Water Ring Pelletizer Production Line For pelletizing plastic and rubber materials, the feeding way and pelletizing way will normally be normal forced feeding or normal feeding and hot cutting (water cooling). LINA water ring extrusion pelletizer are leading in domestic industry of rubber and plastic. LINA 70 water ring pelletizing line specializes in the mixing and granulation stages of plastic particles. LINA's experiences and new technologies help the company gained a number of national invention patents which ensure the stability of LINA water ring pelletizer for laboratory. Basically, the pelletizing process is consisting of dispersion Kneader, automatic hoist, forced double arm feeding hopper, water ring extruder, level one cooling separator, level two cooling separator, level three cooling separator, transparent vibration distribution sieve and storage bucket. Characteristics of LINA Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Laboratory 1.Full Automation 2.Multi-Functional 3.Suitable for a Variety of Materials 4.Eco-Friendly and Energy-Saving 5.Accurate Temperature Control System Advantages of LINA Water Ring Granulator Production Line for Laboratory (Main techniques and drawings are from Taiwan, Japan and so on.) 1. The unit has the whole unit process chain, sound and light failure alarm and fast lock fault point and other control functions. All parts that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. 2. High accuracy of temperature control system to ensure the temperature sensitivity of the material. 3. It adopts the drop type separating method after cutting process, to avoid particle agglomeration and ensure particle cooling. 4. Feeding system of the pressing machine adopts heater and reversing device to solve problem of power outage, material crash and cleaning. 5. Especially, the barrel and die head adopts advanced foreign techniques to ensure and control the dangerous occurred when the pressure is uncontrollable. The honeycomb filter plate is easy to clean and quickly change the mesh. 6. The hoist adopts automatic return technology to ensure the working efficiency. 7. The technological combination of dual-pull forced feeder and single screw not only meet the high requirement of secondary continuous mixing, but also solve the problem of time and power consuming of traditional working process. 1. On-site installation assistance is available. (There are no charges on installation and trial running, but VISA fees, accommodation fees and transportation fees etc, of the supplier's side are charged by the buyer.) 2. Training of customer's operators and maintenance personnel and long-term technical consultation is provided. 3. One year's non-charge warranty period is provided for units in normal operation and long-term spare parts/components are available. During the warranty period, the supplier, within three hours since receipt of purchaser's notice of any equipment fault, shall provide express solution, and, if necessary, assign service engineer(s) to site across China within 72 hours or site in Pearl River Delta within 5 hours (excluding travel time). Response time for customers overseas shall be agreed upon otherwise based on application for visa and accessibility to the customer's location. Are your factory or trading company? LINA Machinery has been engaged in Rubber & Plastic mixing machine for many years. We have workshop and R&D department. What about the operational guideline? Training of customer's operator and maintenance personnel and long-term technical consultation is provided. How about the warranty time? One year's non-charge warranty period is provided for units in normal operation and long-term spare parts/component are available. Do you offer the customization of the machine? Certainly, LINA will give you the most proper recommendation and setting according to your materials and demand.

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