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Printing Production Line of Colored Aluminum Plate


The printing production line of colored aluminum plate is a complete of production equipment for colored aluminum plate

The printing production line of colored aluminum plate is a complete of production equipment for colored aluminum plate, and the process is as follows: make the aluminum coil strips be subject to surface degreasing treatment, then apply multi-layer organic coatings (e.g., nano-coating, self-cleaning coating, scratch-resistant coating, fingerprint-resistant coating etc.) on the strip surface by means of continuous roller coating, next, overprint multi-color patterns, and finally bake and cure to form composite material. The production line is composed of equipment of uncoiler, sewing machine, storage machine, degreasing and washing unit, roller-coating machine, printing machine, curing furnace, shear, coiler etc..

I. Process Parameters

1. base plate: hot aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate

2. Thickness of strip: 0.2-3mm

3. Width of strip: 800-1800mm

4. Outer diameter of aluminum coil: φ800-2000mm

5. Process speed: 20-120m/min

6. Thickness of coating: Max40μm

7. Thickness of printing layer: ≤1μm (oil ink or polyester)

8. Production capacity: 20,000-60,000 t/year

II. Process Flow

1#2# Uncoiler → steering pinch roller → steering roller →confluent pinch roller → inlet shear → sewing machine → press burr and pinch roller → 1# tension roller → inlet looper → 2# tension roller →degreasing → brushing → water washing → drying → chemical roller-coating machine → chemical-coating drying furnace → 1# deviation-correcting machine → 3# tension roller → initial coating unit → initial coating curing furnace → cooling unit → 2# deviation-correcting machine → dryer → 3# deviation-correcting machine → 4# tension roller → printing unit → fine coating unit → fine coating curing furnace → cooling unit → dryer → 4# deviation-correcting machine → 5# tension roller → outlet looper → 6# tension roller → pinch shear → steering roller → EPC deviation-correcting coiler → inspection → package → entering warehouse

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