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Electric Bolt Lock Fail Safe Drop Lock 12v DC Pass 2500000


Price: USD 14.00/
MOQ: 10


Electric Bolt Lock Fail Safe
Electric Drop Lock

Product Detail:
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Current: (DC12V): standby 120mA
Coil type: pure copper coil, ultra-low temperature continuous work
Fail safety type
Time delay:1/3/6 sec; Unlock time delay :6sec (If don't push the door after unlocking again automatically lock)
Provides reverse current protection
Install the hole size: 207*36MM (the depth of the hole is not less than 38mm)
Bolt: 304 stainless steel;
Decorative plate size: 215mm*41mm*0.7mm
Lock face plate size: 205mm *35mm*38mm
Life time: 2500000 times

1. Holding patent
2. All metal mechanical structure, safe & durable
3. Pure copper coil, ultra-low temperature continuous work
4. Wide voltage DC12V-DC24V design for all security, building, fire power supply system
5. With automatic locking function, tamper lock
6. SUS 304 stainless steel bolt, anti-saw & anti-collision
7. With 10sec door sensor detection function; the lock won't automatically open if remove the magnet plate after lock 10 sec
8. One years warranty
9. OEM and ODM service welcomed

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