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Injection Molding Group co., Ltd. is a excellent Chinese plastic injection mold making factory who specialize in injection mold for all walks of life.

Injection Molding Group co., Ltd. established in 2000, plastic mold company supplies design of plastics, contract plastic mold making, and custom injection molding service. Today, it employs 80 professional plastic mold engineers who own much rich mold making experience.
We can provide customers with a range of products from small, high precision molds to large size molds. The product types range from large automotive parts, home appliance plastic housings (monitor, TV, iron, vacuum cleaner, stereo, etc.), plastic cases for phones, plastic game machine housings, furniture accessories and plastic housings for a variety of consumer electronics (calculators, MP4 cases, PDA translators, GPS, printers, etc.).
ACO mold can manage all your business needs from high quality injection molding and secondary services to assembly of your finished product, all in our 20,000 square meters facility. Our support capabilities include custom and tooling referral to take your project from concept to market.

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Injection Molding Group co., Ltd.

Injection Molding Group co., Ltd.

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China, Guangdong, China, 518101


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