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am Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks


origin: China


China Cleanroom Foam Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks with High-Quality, Leading Cleanroom Foam Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Cleanroom Foam Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks Factory & Exporters.

Cleanroom Foam Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks Description: Mediclean`s Cleanroom Foam Cleaning Swabs FS707 feature a rectangular, large head and a long handle.The handle is made from 100% polypropylene which is rigid and flexible. Its polyurethane foam head provides excellent solvent absorbent capacity. It is mainly used on universal cleaning purpose cleaning of large surfaces. FS707 Cleanroom Sterile Swab are a good choice for removing residue, oil, ink from Thermal Printer Printhead, Inkjet Printer Cap Station, Check Scanner transport rollers, etc. Compatible with: - Texwipe Cleanroom Foam Swabs TX707 Contact Mediclean for more Texwipe Compatible Cleanroom Foam Swabs. Specification: - Model Number: FS707 - Head Material: 100 PPI Polyurethane Foam - Handle Material: 100% Polypropylene - Handle Colour: Green (White, Black, Blue is available upon request) - Standards Met: Class 10 ISO Class 4 Certified Dimension Chart: Features: - Large, rectangular head and long handle - Closed-cell polyurethane foam head - Thermal bond technique eliminate adhesive contamination - Excellent solvent capacity - Compatible with most common solvents - Soft and non-abrasive - Low non-volatile residue level - Low ion content level - ESD safe handle is available as option Applications: - General purpose cleaning for large surface - Cleaning with IPA or other solvents - Applying lubricants or other liquids - Remove flux residues and excess materials Packaging: 100 swabs / bag 2 inner bags of 50 swabs 50 bags / case Contamination Characteristics: Property Measurement Test Method* Nonvolatile Residue(NVR) TM10: Procedure for Determining the Nonvolatile Residue (NVR) Extractable from Swabs in a Given Solvent IPA Extractant 0.02 mg/swab Ions TM12: The Determination of Ions in Wipers and Other Materials by Capillary Ion Analysis (CIA) Chloride <0.01 μg/swab Sulfate <0.01 μg/swab Nitrate <0.01 μg/swab Phosphate <0.01 μg/swab Fluoride <0.01 μg/swab Potassium <0.01 μg/swab Calcium <0.01 μg/swab Sodium <0.01 μg/swab Magnesium <0.01 μg/swab *: Test procedures available upon request. ESD Characteristics: Handle Resistivity: 108 – 109 Ohms/Sq (Optional) Picture:

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