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fe used tire pyrolysis machine


origin: China
packaging: 1*40'HC+1*40'FR
MOQ: 25000


China 5-8 years life tire pyrolysis machine with High-Quality, Leading 5-8 years life tire pyrolysis machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 5-8 years life tire pyrolysis machine Factory & Exporters.

LN-2800-8000 is one of the 8 popular models of used tire pyrolysis machine, with capacities from 5tons to 20tons per batch; Tire pyrolysis machine is widely used to extract fuel oil from waste tyres, rubbers, plastics those hydrocarbon compounds; side products will be recycling gas, carbon black, steels(process with tyres). either putting in tire with auto-feeding system or manually is ok; here are some informtion for used tire pyrolysis below: Models LN-2600-6600 LN-2800-6000 LN-2800-6600 LN-2800-7100 LN-2800-8000 Reactor size(D mm*L mm) D2600*L6600 D2800*L6000 D2800*L6600 D2800*L7100 D2800*L8000 Inside volume m3 35 36 40 43 49 Processing capacity tons 8 9 10 12 15 Processing hours 18 18 20 22 24 Power 20 20 20 20 20 Total weight 32 34 35 36 38 Operating workers 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 Package 1*40`(HC+FR) 1*40`(HC+FR) 1*40`(HC+FR) 1*40`(HC+FR) 1*40`(HC+FR) main parts introduction: manufacturing process : delivery site: installation site: for more information and points, please feel free to contact!

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