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PVC Lay Flat Hose For Drip Irrigation

MOQ: 5000


1) industrial hose, all use new material
2) choose 1300 d polyester thread, high strength, high wear resistance
3) product specifications from 1 inch to 8 inch
4) the highest burst pressure range from 12bar to 30 bar

Scope of application:

Applicable to industrial equipment conveyance, and mining drainage, etc., can also be applied to the large irrigation and drip irrigation equipment.

Product features:

1) choose high-strength dacron line, high quality PVC raw material,

2) one-step molding product, lining and plastic coated process once complete and more uniform distribution of raw materials, no crystal point, without air hole, inside and outside the wall smooth.

3) product acid corrosion resistance, high working pressure, anti-aging, non-toxic, extension ability.

4) working temperature: - 10 ℃ to 65 ℃

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