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60w 80w CO2 laser power supply


origin: china
packaging: In box with foam
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JH power laser supply have q uick response speed and effect,high performance,large cutting power,it also can prolong laser tube service life. 1) Good compatibility: It can be applicable to 40W laser tube of a number of manufacturers. 2) Cutting Type and Sculpting Type: The cutting type has a good power stability and strong adaptability; while the sculpting type has a quick response speed and good engraving effect. 3) Dramatically lengthen the service life of laser. 4) Easy Control: The start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level. And there are protection switch to test the external water, ventilation, etc. 5) Easy control of laser power: Both 0-5V analog signal and PWM signal can control the laser power. 6) The power supply has the function of open circuit protection: Under the condition of good protective earthing, the power supply can work in open-circuit condition for a short time, which could avoid the damage of laser power supply because of the bursting of laser tube, thereby enhancing the life of power supply. 7) The power supply can take feedback interface which can be used in closed-loop control and testing the working current of laser. 8) The power supply adds a new function, that is timely scene judging which part is damaged, laser tube or laser power. 9) Application: Acrylic sculpture, cut; fabric sculpture, cut; Double-color plate engraving, cut; rubber sheet sculpture, cut, etc. JH40w Main parameters: Input Input voltage AC220v or AC110V(Order should be specified) Ac frequency 47---440Hz Cold surge current ≤60A(AC220V) ≤30A(AC110V) Leakage current ≤0.7mA(AC220V) ≤0.4mA(AC110V) output Maximum output voltage DC 25KV DC5V DC24 Maximum output current DC 20 mA 3A 2A Efficiency ≥90%(Full load) Mean time to failure ≥10000 hours Response speed ≤1mS(The switching signal is given to the time that the output current rise to 90% of the set current) Control interface TTL Level switch control,the active level can be high or low Pressure AC1500V 10mA 60s; Protect Open for short time(Require the power supply housing to be well grounded,while avoiding arcing between the positive pole and the casing). Using environment Working temperature(-10~40)℃ ,Relative humidity:≤90% Cooling form Forced air cooling Outline size L×W×H=327*220*98(mm)

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