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50W co2 laser tube


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Co2 laser tube Usage JH CO2 laser tube is high-tech product. The laser focus is smaller, the energy is more concentrated, the penetrating power is stronger, the penetration is high, and the cutting speed is faster. In order to ensure the consistency of laser tube quality, from the laser tube blank firing, resonant cavity catalytic coating, grinding patch and accurate charging process, the whole process is implemented with strict quality control. The product has long life, good spot pattern, high power and stable working performance. Quick response speed, etc. JH CO2 laser tube is used for cutting arylic, leather , wood, color board etc. JH laser tube has been up-graded all the time, and suitable for all laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, mini laser engraver, desktop laser cutter. 1) Make sure the electrode line is well connected, don`t make mistake with (+,-) electrode. 2) Connect the water cooling tube well; Connect with the regular of down-in and up-out, which input water from cathode and output water from the anode with no leak. Make sure the water is full in the storage, and there is no air bubble in the water-cooling tube before using (check each time before using). 3) Its better to fit self-checking equipment in water-cooling circulation system to avoid any trouble by the more heat which caused by lack of water. For details please consult the supplier of the co2 laser tube. JH1050 Main parameters Model JH1050 Length 1000mm Pipe Diameter 55±1mm Wavelength 10.6um Catalyst coated Yes Output Power Stable Value 60W Max Output Power 85W Triggering Voltage 26-28KV Working Voltage 20-23KV Triggering Current 4-5mA Max Working Current 20mA Type Of Cooling Water-cooling 15-25℃ Spot diameter 4±1mm Packing size 1200mmx160mmx150mm JH Laser Tube Operation Instruction 1. Installation Requirement Make sure to follow the operation instruction of JH Laser Tube as shown in the illustration. The dedicated power P14 should be equipped. The positive pole of laser tube is in high voltage (the ignition voltage is 24kv). It may cause the following consequence when it is failed to follow the instruction: Arcing; the inner tube will be punctured by electricity and may cause water leakage. 2. Operation conditions Water cooling: using purified water; 3 to 5 liter/minute; water temperature: 10℃-40℃. The operating environment: temperature 2-40℃; humidity 10-60%. The working current: test current is 30mA. Maximum working current is 30mA. The running current must be kept below 28mA. The life span can reach 10,000 hours if the current is kept below 26mA. The ammeter must be connected to the negative electrode of laser tube. When it is working under over-high current for long term, the negative pole will appear brown yellow, and the life span will be shortened rapidly. To protect dust from going into the insulation sheath, please wrap it with plastic film. 3. Working Performance Cutting function. Engraving function: Very good. When the working current is 4mA and the tube is in the state of preionization, the laser can be used for high-frequency impulse engraving. 4. Key Notes Do not clean the exterior surface of the output widow mirror with tools such as tampon; otherwise the output power will be seriously affected. The followings are the designated methods to clean up pollution in the exterior surface of window mirror: 1) When the mirror is polluted, do not turn on the laser. 2) Blow the mirror surface sideways with an air blower. 3) Spray the pure alcohol on the mirror surface with sprayer. 4) Turn on the laser after the alcohol gets fully volatilized. 5) If the methods above don't work effectively, it is necessary to ask for the professional to use tampon with alcohol to clean the mirror surface from middle to edge. The best solution is to prevent the window from being polluted. Attention: it is forbidden to clean the mirror with acetone. The screws in the front and back ends of the laser tube are not allowed to be moved, otherwise the out power will be declined, even the tube will be scrapped. Put the acryl 300mm far away from output mirror, when testing its laser spot. 5. Safety The laser beam is invisible light. Please wear protective glasses when debugging the laser. The positive pole is in high voltage. Pay attention to the security marks. 6. Storage and Transportation Requirement Pour out cooling fluid in the event of storage and transportation, and cover the output terminal with a dust-proof plastic bag. The storage environment is 2-40℃, and the requested humidity is 10-60%. Pack the laser as in the original way. important notes: it is requested to use adhesive tape to cement the sponge together with laser tube to prevent the tube from vertically sliding during transportation. The sponge in the side of output mirror must be 70 mm beyond it, and the sponge in the side of reflecting mirror must be 50 mm wider. Tubes operated in wrong way are not guaranteed by Manufacturer.

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