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OCr21AL4 Strip Flat Ribbon Heating Wire factory


Shengzhou Beno Electric Appliance Company is a professional manufacturer,which are specialized in electric heating element, water heating element, home appliance electric heating elements and silicon rubber heating pad, heating plate and oven parts. The products are used in refrigerator,freezer and air-conditioner,electric heater,industrial heater and oven heater.

The electric heating element have advantage of long life ,heating fast, safety,energy conservation and environment protection. It is possible to customize various type heating element production what you like in your location marketing.

Electric heater cartridge is a piece of equipment, made of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire(NiCr2080),High temperature leads, seamless stainless steel sheath(304,321,316,800,840). usually in tube form,
that is used in heating applications by way of insertion into metal blocks via a series of drilled holes. Cartridge heaters are manufactured in two basic forms - high density and low density.
High density cartridge heaters are used to heat plastic injection moulds, dies, platens and so forth, whereas low density cartridge heaters are more suitable for packing machinery, heat sealing, labelling machines and hot stamping applications.

· Injection moulding - Internal heating of nozzles
· Hot runner systems - Heating of manifolds
· Packaging industry - Heating of cutting bars
· Packaging industry - Heating of hot stamps
· Laboratories - Heating of analytical equipment
· Medical: Dialysis, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Nebulizer, Blood/Fluid Warmer, Temperature Therapy
· Telecommunications: Deicing, Enclosure Heater
· Transportation: Oil/Block Heater, Aircraft Coffee Pot Heaters,
· Food Service: Steamers, Dish Washers,
· Industrial: Packaging Equipment, Hole Punches, Hot Stamp.

Technical data
Industrial heaterImmersion cartridge water heater with thermocouple
Resistance heating wireNiCr 80/20 wire
Sheathstainless steel 304,321,316, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 840
Maximum temperature800 degree Celsius
Wattage Tolerance+5%, -10%
Resistance tolerance+10%, -5%
Voltages available380V,240V, 220V,110V,36V,24V or 12V
Length tolerance±1 mm
Diameter tolerance-0.02mm
Standard Cold Zone5-10mm
Delivery time7-10 working days
Insulation resistance (cold)≥ 500 MΩ
Maximum leakage current (cold)≤ 0.5 mA
Thermocouple Locationtype J
type K

OCr21AL4 Strip Flat Ribbon Heating Wire factory

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