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foam fire extinguishing agent

origin: china
packaging: 200kg/durm
MOQ: 25


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3% water-forming foam fire extinguishing agent 3% water-forming foam fire extinguishing agent is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent. It is characterized by the formation of a layer of water on the fuel surface to inhibit the evaporation of fuel film, by the dual role of foam and water film, quickly overwhelmed the fire, put out the fire. This product can be extinguished A fire, B fire, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, fire engines, airports, gas stations, tankers, oil fields, oil refineries, oil depots and other occasions, a variety of low-foam fire extinguishing systems. The extinguishing agent stock solution can be mixed with fresh water at a ratio of 3:97 for foam extinguishing when used. This product fire level 1C level. This fire-extinguishant stock solution is not affected by freezing and thawing.This product is stable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, such as splashed into the eyes or skin, wash with water. Executive Standard Number: GB15308-2006 "foam fire extinguishing agent" project Technical indicators Diffusion coefficient Positive PH 6.0-9.5 Anti-freezing, melting performance No visible stratification and heterogeneity Fluidity Flow is greater than the standard reference solution Foaming multiple ≥5.0 25%drainage time.min ≥2.5 Extinguishing time, min ≤3.0 25%Anti-burning time , min ≥10 Storage temperature℃ -10℃-+45℃ Freezing point, ℃ ≤-12.5℃ Quality guarantee period 8year

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