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Dispersing Agent

origin: China
packaging: 25kgs bag
MOQ: 2


China Dispersing Agent NNO with High-Quality, Leading Dispersing Agent NNO Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Dispersing Agent NNO Factory & Exporters.

Choose our products are the most options. Product name: Dispersing Agent NNO CAS NO: 36290-04-7 M.F C21H14Na2O6S2 M.W. 472.4418 Performance and use:This product is light yellow to yellow-brown powder, an anionic surfactant. It is soluble in water, acid, alkali and hard water, good dispersion properties. With protein and polyamide fibers have affinity.Mainly used to coloring for vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, acid staining pad or pigment pad dyeing of the dispersing agent, as a auxiliaries for vat dyes's powder or sizing agent. Also used staining to levelling agent and auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry. Packing:25KG Woven bag with plastis liner Innocuity,noninflammable,nonexplosive

Dispersants Are Used in Pigments, A Liquid or Gas Used to Disperse Small Particles in a Medium, Oil Industry Antiscalant Dispersant Water Treatment Dispersing A,

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