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Rice processing equipments optical ccd sensor rice color sorter machine


Price: USD 25000.00/1
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Ic Rice Color Sorter
High Resolution And Better Sorting Effect;
Bigger Capacity;
Capactive Touch Screen,Easy To Operate;
Whole Machine Quality Warranty.


High-quality distinction system
Adopting HD full color 5000+Px CCD image sensor that reaches the aim of distinguishing 0.1mm object.

Image processing system

1. Adopting the chips of FPGA and DSP from American companies, ALTERA or TI.

2.The forth generation processing technology of FPGA which

Greatly improves the processing speed.

Adjustable light source technology

The overall upgrade LED light source can adjust the output power according to different materials, Ensure the accurate obtaining of the materials information;

LED lighting system with radiating function makes it longer shelf life,

lower energy consumption and better performance.

Brand new chute design

Adopting 1200mm chute makes material transfer more stably and output increases 20%-30%, meanwhile, we can also provide plate-type and slot-type for different demands.

Anti-jamming system

High-performance Anti-jamming system makes it applicable to many environments.

Dust Cleaning system

Unique track-type cleaning device, with dust-control design, the structure is more stable and the cleaning effect is more excellent.

Original creative high frequency solenoid valve

Solenoid Valve with national patent since 2006, Shelf life of 12 billion times makes the solenoid valve is not a quick-wear part anymore; respond rapidly, lower air-consumption.

Dust Collecting Device

By using the up-mid-low dust collecting devices, it is better to solve and improve the problem of machine working environment.

Intelligence operation interface

Overall capacitive touch screen, Automatic setting parameters,Multiple sorting mode saved and Easy operation.

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