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Bailey Symphony plus Harmony Infi90 distributed control system


Price: USD 10000.00/1


The new generation of ABB’s total plant automation for the power and water industries: simple, scalable, seamless, secure. Symphony® Plus is designed to maximize plant efficiency and reliability through automation, integration, and optimization of the entire plant.

IEMMU11 module mounting unit rear mounting

IEMMU12 module mounting unit front mounting

IEMMU21 module mounting unit rear mounting

IEMMU22 module mounting unit

PHARPS32000000 power supply module

PHARPS32010000 power supply module

PHARPS32200000 power supply module

PHARPSCH100000 power supply chassis

PHARPSFAN03000 system monitoring and cooling fan

PHARPSPEP21012 dual chassis

PHARPSPEP21013 dual chassis

IEPAS22 IEPAS02 power module

MPSIII modular power system III

CPS01 console power supply

6644424A1 voltage bus monitor assembly

1948506C8 system power bus bar

PHCBRCPBA20000 processor bus adapter

PHCBRC30000000 HARMONY bridge controller

PHCBRC40000000 HARMONY bridge controller

PMKHRMBRC3000A redundant BRC cable

SPNIS21 INNIS21 network interface module

SPNPM22 INNPM22 network processor module

SPICT13A INICT13A Infinet to Computer transfer module

SPIET800 Infinet to Ethernet module

SPBRC410 PHCBRC41000000 HARMONY bridge controller

SSBIET800A0000 SPIET800 License with Advanced Security

SPSEM11 INSEM11 sequence of events master module

INTKM01 time keeper master module

SPICI03-SCIL INICI03-SCIL Cnet-to-Computer communication interface

SPIIL02-L INIIL02-L Infinet to Infinet local interface kit

SPIIT13 INIIT03 INIIT13 Infinet to Infinet local module

SPSOE01 INSOE01 sequence of event server node

SPASI23 IMASI23 analog input module

SPASO11 IMAS011 analog output module

SPDSI13 IMDSI13 digital slave input module

SPDSI14 IMDSI14 48 vdc digital input module

SPDSI22 IMDSI22 digital input module

SPDSM04 IMDSM04 pulse input slave module

SPDSO14 IMDSO14 digital output slave module

SPFCS01 IMFCS01 frequency counter slave module

SPFEC12 IMFEC12 analog input module

SPHSS03 IMHSS03 hydraulic servo module

SPSED01 IMSED01 sequence of events digital inputs module

SPSET01 IMSET01 sequence of event time keeper module

SPCIS22 IMCIS22 control I/O slave module

IMCPM01 configuration port module

SPBLK01 IMBLK01 blank module assembly

SPQRS22 IMQRS22 quick response I/O module

SPHSS13 hydraulic servo module

NFTP01 field termination panel

NTAI05 analog input termination unit

NTAI06 analog input termination unit

NTCL01 communication link termination unit

NTCS04 control I/O termination unit

NTDI01-A termination unit

NTHS03 hydraulic servo termination unit

NTMP01 multi-function processor termination unit

NTRL02B fiber option remote I/O termination unit

NTRL03 remote link termination unit

NTRO02-A termination unit

NTRO03-A termination unit

NTRO04-A termination unit

NTST01 time synch termination unit

NTRL04 harmany HNET fiber optic repeater termination unit

NTDO02 digital power output termination unit

NTDI21-A termination unit for DI jumper

NTAO02-AR Redundant AO terminal unit

NRAO01-A termination unit

NRAI01-A termination unit

NRDI01-A termination unit

NRDI04-A termination unit

NRDO02-A termination unit

NTRO05 termination unit

NKST11-15 SOE time synch cable

NKTU01-15 I/O module to termination unit cable

NKAS01-15 analog module termination cable

NKHS03-15 hydraulic servo termination cable

NKLM01-15 communication interface cable

NKLS01-15 Infinet interface cable

NKSD01-15 SOE digital input module cable

NKST01-10 SOE time synch cable

NKTK01-10 time keeper master cable

NKTK01-15 time keeper master cable

NKCL01-15 cable

NKCL01-30 cable

NKMP01-2 multi-function processor cable

NKTL01-3 coax termination cable

NKTT01-3 Infinet termination cable

NKPL01-15 plant loop cable

NKMR02-15M cable

NKCL01B-5 cable

NKCL02B-5 cable

NKEB01 expander bus cable

NKEB02 expander bus cable

SPTAS01 TAS01 turbine auto sync module

SPTPS02 TPS02 turbine protection slave module

TPSTU02 turbine protection module termination unit

SPCMM11 CMM11 condition monitoring module

CMMTU02 condition monitoring module

EMA11 event marker amplifier

SCSI cable

AHA-2940UW SCSI card

CC-EI/I-0 analog signal converter

CC-EI/I 4-20mA/4-20mA 23VDC analog signal converter

DCS Freelance 2000 AC800F 800XA AC800M S800 S900,

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