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SAMSUNG SM 8x2mm feeder for pick and place machine


Price: USD 80.00/1
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SAMSUNG SM 8x2mm feeder for pick and place machine
Used to SM421/SM471/SM481 machine

We have many SAMSUNG spare parts for SMT pick and place machine. f you don't find the parts you need in this page, please email me with your part number or pictures. I will reply you soon. My email is Angelina@reliablesmt.com Have a good time! Samsung SM/CP40 CP45 Feeders models: SAMSUNG SM 8*2mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 8*4mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 12mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 16mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 24mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 32mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 44mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 56mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 8*2mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 8*4mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 12mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 16mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 24mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 32mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 44mm FEEDER SAMSUNG CP40-CP45 56mm FEEDER

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